Peter Pan Homeless

Peter Pan and his eternal friend Adam
permanently banned from their home.

See Banned from yaoi gallery
I'm not dead


Game: Anthony's Slot-machine

I make a devriant version of my slot-machine:
slot machine anthony-art.deviantart.com

And a version for furaffinity;
slotmachine furaffinity.net


furaffinity.net is back

A good new: furaffinity.net is back

Register for full view and allow mature content in your preferences.
Is a very nice place.


Banned from yaoi gallery

This  picture was the cause I finally get banned from yaoi

The picture was there since january, then somebody report and I get banned.

I will continue to post often on
on furrafinity (when is online again)
and on paperdamon

all my friends can contact me at antoine.schaub@gmail.com